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Breathing easy in practices and stores

The central compact ventilation system AL-KO EASYAIR® provides fresh and clean air in medical practices and health centers, event rooms and sales premises. The AL-KO product portfolio of compact ventilation units also offers a solution for structural installation in the false ceiling: the EASYAIR® flat. Both versions operate highly efficiently and can be operated and maintained via the web-based servicing system AL-KO REMOTE CONTROL.

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HMI precisely tailored to the needs and capabilities of the user

For the operation of its ventilation and air conditioning units, AL-KO Air Technology offers a comprehensive portfolio of devices: From a simple switch to a touch display, there are various operating elements depending on the requirements and capabilities of the user.

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Closed-loop system for optimum recovery of heat and cold

In central ventilation systems, heat recovery is one of the most important possibilities for improving energy efficiency. AL-KO Air Technology offers with HYDRO-OPT closed-loop systems that meet these highest efficiency requirements.

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Ventilation units from the individual modular system AL-KO AT4

The modular AT4 system ensures good air indoors and can be adapted to practically any application – even when very large air volumes are required.

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AL-KO REMOTE CONTROL - web-based servicing system

A new service from AL-KO makes it possible to monitor and optimize AL-KO equipment remotely. The systems can be operated like you were actually on site.

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