Efficient ventilation for Germany’s largest wooden tower block

Efficient ventilation for Germany’s largest wooden tower block

AL-KO Air Technology developed a customised air handling system for the ROOTS timber high-rise in Hamburg harbour.

Germany’s tallest timber skyscraper is being built in the Port of Hamburg. More than 5,500 m³ of softwood will be used for the 19 storeys at a height of 65 metres. The building is not only environmentally friendly, it also creates a particularly healthy indoor climate in the 181 residential units and additional offices. It goes without saying that such an ecological residential project places special demands on the sustainability of the ventilation system. In addition, the air handling unit installed outside must also be able to withstand the demanding ambient conditions of the harbour air with its high humidity and fine dust content.

AL-KO Air Technology designed a customised ventilation system for ROOTS. Four units from the AL-KO AT4 series combine to circulate a total air volume of 42,000 m³/h. Thanks to energy-saving fans and highly efficient heat recovery systems, they operate with the highest efficiency class A+. The system is integrated into the overall building management system to minimise the use of resources during operation. Fine dust filters in the units retain particles from the harbour air, for example from ship exhaust fumes.

Despite the harsh environment, the air handling unit can be easily installed on the roof of the high-rise building. The galvanised and additionally powder-coated casing offers maximum protection against corrosion. AL-KO’s proprietary housing panels with non-combustible acoustic and thermal insulation material provide high-quality thermal decoupling between the inner and outer shells, effectively preventing heat loss. With the AL-KO AT4, an ecological lighthouse project also has a particularly energy-efficient ventilation system.


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