Healthy air at school

Healthy air at school

The Scheuring elementary school in Landsberg am Lech, Upper Bavaria, was looking for a way to significantly reduce the viral load in the air its students breathe.

Coronavirus infections primarily originate from aerosols in the air, where they accumulate rapidly, especially in enclosed indoor spaces. The course of the pandemic so far has clearly demonstrated this. Regular ventilation is one solution, but has its limits, especially in winter. This results in additional energy costs and unrest, especially in classrooms.

The Scheuring elementary school selected the compact AL-KO AIRCABINET® ventilation unit. The unit, which is delivered ready to plug in, is set up decentrally in the classroom. There it draws in stale room air and releases it to the outside via an exhaust air connection. At the same time, fresh air enters the device via the outside air nozzle, where it is additionally cleaned by a high-quality ePM1 class filter. The fresh air is then distributed draft-free throughout the classroom via a textile air hose.

The AL-KO AIRCABINET also reduces the CO2 content in classrooms and thus increases the well-being and performance of students. An advantage that will be appreciated far beyond the pandemic.


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