Closed-loop system for optimum recovery of heat and cold

Closed-loop system for optimum recovery of heat and cold

In central ventilation systems, heat recovery is one of the most important possibilities for improving energy efficiency. AL-KO Air Technology offers with HYDRO-OPT closed-loop systems that meet these highest efficiency requirements.
Hydraulic station AL-KO HYDRO-OPT®

AL-KO HYDRO-OPT® is all the best possible solution for heat recovery when supply and extract air must be spatially separated from each other. It is also predestined for use with polluted extract air or when the hygienic requirements for the central ventilation system are particularly high, such as in hospitals, and the possible mixing of extract and supply air must be excluded. The AL-KO HYDRO-OPT hydraulic station, which is connected to the ventilation system, transfers the heat from the extract air side to the supply air side; the medium used is a circulating water-glycol mixture, the flow of which must always be set in an optimum ratio to the air volume flow. The intelligent AL-KO HYDRO-OPT also monitors the operating conditions and regulates the brine flow rate to the optimum ratio.

Standard sizes S and M

AL-KO HYDRO-OPT is currently available in two versions: HYDRO-OPT S and HYDRO-OPT M. The size M, which is also designed in larger dimensions, contains considerably more functionality and is designed to supply up to three extract air units with the recovered heat or cold when connected to a supply air unit; HYDRO-OPT S supplies one extract air unit at a time.

Both designs offer many other advantages beyond high energy efficiency and economy:

  • Optimal price-performance ratio
  • Compact design, small footprint for all models
  • Electrics and hydraulics prepared ready for connection
  • Quick and easy maintenance
  • Cost and time savings during installation due to pre-piped heat exchangers in the unit

AL-KO uses only high-performance heat exchangers for high-efficiency closed-circuit systems. The performance has been confirmed and guaranteed by an independent testing institute. Units of the  AL-KO HYDRO-OPT series are suitable for remote maintenance with AL-KO REMOTE CONTROL and can be controlled and monitored via common building management interfaces (Modbus IP / RTU, BACnet IP / MSTP).

With optional accessories for the hydraulic station of the AL-KO HYDRO-OPT series as well as a wide range of options for individual customisation (such as piping in stainless steel, touch panels in three sizes or a local priority control level and other special designs), AL-KO offers the ideal solution for individual requirements.