AL-KO HYDRO-OPT® M – System for optimal heat and cold recovery

Save energy and reduce operating costs. Hydraulic stations of the AL-KO HYDRO-OPT series are energetically necessary when supply and exhaust air are spatially separated in ventilation systems. They recover heat from the exhaust air and transfer it to the supply air via heat exchangers. AL-KO HYDRO-OPT M is designed for connection to 1 supply air and up to 3 exhaust air units.

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Why heat recovery? In central ventilation systems, heat recovery is one of the most important adjusting screws for improving energy efficiency. Closed-circuit systems (CCS) consist of one or more finned heat exchangers in the supply and extract air, connected via a hydraulic circuit. AL-KO optimizes the interaction of all KVS components. The AL-KO portfolio contains finely tuned systems with high-performance heat exchangers for the various corrosion protection classes. The highest efficiency requirements can be realized with hydraulic stations of the AL-KO HYDRO-OPT series. They are available in different performance and comfort levels.

  • Contributes significantly to energy savings and operating cost reduction
  • Efficiency optimization through dynamic independent volume flow control
  • Temperature transfer efficiency up to µt ≤ 80 %.
  • Compact design
  • If required, complete disconnection of air conditioning and ventilation system with one handle
  • Electrical and hydraulic systems prepared ready for connection (excl. air-side sensors)
  • Remote access with AL-KO REMOTE CONTROL possible
  • Commissioning and support by AL-KO qualified personnel
  • Electrical and hydraulic systems ready for connection (excluding air-side sensors)
  • Pre-piped heat exchanger in the unit for time and cost savings

Functions and functional units

We offer extensive function and functional units. All components and functional units are tested by AL-KO Air Technology.

Basic functions
Additional functions
Heat exchanger
Control engineering
Optional components

Technical data

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