AL-KO AIRCABINET® – Your decentralized ventilation unit

The decentralized compact ventilation unit effectively cleans indoor air from pollen, spores and aerosols. Thus, the AL-KO AIRCABINET creates fresh and healthy air in meeting, conference and classrooms. Thanks to the heat recovery from the exhaust air, the ventilation unit is particularly energy-efficient and constantly supplies the room with fresh, temperature-controlled outside air.

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AL-KO AIRCABINET can be installed as a decentralized compact ventilation unit directly in the room to be ventilated. Fresh air is drawn in and stale air is discharged through an air diffuser mounted in the window or exterior wall. The fresh air, which is additionally filtered in the unit, is distributed in the room draft-free via a textile air outlet. Suitable for an air volume range of 250 to 1,500 m³/h.

  • 100% fresh air supply
  • Numerous optional accessories
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Hygiene standard according to the VDI 6022 standard
  • Maximum energy efficiency through heat recovery with an efficiency of up to 85%
  • Efficient fan technology
  • Eurovent energy efficiency class A+
  • Numerous optional accessories
  • The ready-to-plug-in delivery in three module parts guarantees fast installation
  • Assembly in a few hours
  • Can be quickly retrofitted in existing buildings
Maintenance and operation
  • Remote monitoring option via network connection or radio modem
  • Sound insulation elements can be easily removed for cleaning purposes
Good, hygienically safe air quality requires an air volume of between 30 m³/h and 50 m³/h per person depending on the age group of the room occupants and emissions from the building. A typical design value for classrooms is about 30 m³/h per person, for offices or meeting rooms 50 m³/h per person is often used as a basis. During pandemics, higher air volumes are recommended.

Quality components and functional units

We offer our own products as well as components and functional units from various manufacturers. All components and functional units are tested by AL-KO Air Technology.

Heat recovery
Heat recovery
Air diffuser
Air diffuser
Shut-off valves
Shut-off valves

For an energetically optimised control

AL-KO’s modular control technology has the right solution for every customer requirement. AL-KO supplies controls in a complete package with field devices, the control cabinet and pre-wiring or complete wiring.

Technical data

Product attributes
Dimensions (W / D / H) in mm 1306 x 730 x 2477
Weight in kg 406
Product attributes Basis Sound absorber module Air distribution module
Weight of stand-alone modules in kg 213 158 35
Height of stand-alone modules in mm 1173 983 321
Product specific data
Air volume in m³/h 800 1000 1200 1650
Elec. power consumption with/without electric auxiliary heating in kW 0.2 / 1.3 0.3 / 1.6 0.5 / 1.9 1.0 / 2.1
Efficiency WRG in % 84 83 82 81
Air outlet at -12 °C outdoor and 22 °C exhaust air without electric booster heater in °C 16.5 16 15.7 16.3
with additional electric heating in °C 20 20 20 20
Sound power in dB[A] 37 42 47 51
Sound pressure at 2 m distance* in dB[A] 34 40 43 48

* measured in 9 x 10 x 2.75 m² room with medium room absorption


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