With the AL-KO KlimaSoft® design program, central air handling units can be generated individually within our overall modular system. A completely flexible unit design, including all modular options, is possible in this software variant. In addition, it creates detailed data sheets on which all relevant energy, ventilation and electrical characteristics of the units are noted.

How it works

KlimaSoft® allows users to individually configure their air handling units. The result can be transferred directly to AL-KO’s production workflow without any loss of time. Particularly helpful for specialist planners: The design software generates drawings, service texts, acoustic emission overviews, control diagrams, cable tension diagrams and other data sheets, which can be transferred directly into service specifications.
Core functions

Flexible, individual unit configuration from the overall expansion modules

Real-time generation of graphical, commercial and technical planning data

Downloadable documents ranging from data sheets to CAD data, BIM data to LV documents

Calculation of the respective energy efficiency class

Your benefits

Reliable planning basis

Support in the creation of service specifications

Result is transferred directly into production workflow (material procurement, assembly)

Generate user ID

Generate user ID

To use KlimaSoft® you need a user ID. Find out how to get one here



Note: When starting KlimaSoft for the first time, all the necessary settings on your computer will be made automatically.

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