AL-KO EASYAIR® flat – The flat ventilation unit

The EASYAIR® flat is the energy-efficient, space-saving ventilation unit for ceiling mounting. The units are suitable for air volumes between 600 and 3,800 m3/h and impress with their internally powder-coated housing and a convenient, intuitive control system. They are ideal for cleaning indoor air in hotels and restaurants, sales outlets and conference rooms.

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EASYAIR® flat is the economical, reliable line of flat units from AL-KO for installation under ceilings. The systems guarantee easy handling. The virtually maintenance-free counterflow plate heat exchanger ensures heat recovery of up to 90%. The EASYAIR® flat is suitable for air volumes between 600 and 3,800 m3/h.

  • High energy efficiency thanks to power-saving EC fan motors and efficient heat recovery by means of counterflow plate heat exchangers
  • Exemplary low life cycle costs
  • Easy to install thanks to compact, handy modules
  • Components can be pulled out before ceiling mounting to reduce weight
  • Quick installation thanks to click connections
  • Suspension brackets mounted on the unit at the factory
Maintenance and operation
  • Components can be easily removed from below using quick-release fasteners
  • Better air hygiene and reduced cleaning costs thanks to smooth surfaces in the air duct
  • Generous inspection openings for complete inspection

Quality components and functional units

We offer our own products as well as components and functional units from various manufacturers. All components and functional units are tested by AL-KO Air Technology.

Hot water heater module (optional)
Cooling module (optional)
Electric heater module (optional)
External air flaps
Sound-insulated connection pipes
Sound absorbers (optional)

For an energetically optimised control

AL-KO’s modular control technology has the right solution for every customer requirement. AL-KO supplies controls in a complete package with field devices, the control cabinet and pre-wiring or complete wiring.

Technical data

Units with counterflow heat exchangers
Typ Volume flow in m³/h Length in mm* Width in mm* Height in mm*
GF-01 650 1734 1326 362
GF-02 900 1836 1326 464
GF-03 1350 1938 1938 464

*Outer dimensions in mm

Units with supply and exhaust air
Typ Volume flow in m³/h Length in mm* Width in mm* Height in mm*
EF-01 650 816 968 464
EF-02 900 816 968 464
EF-03 1350 816 968 464

*Outer dimensions in mm


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