AL-KO EASYAIR® – Your central ventilation system

AL‑KO EASYAIR® is a powerful compact ventilation unit that provides fresh and healthy air in medical practices and health centers, retirement homes, event rooms and retail outlets. The highly efficient heat recovery guarantees an excellent energy balance, while the integrated control cabinet ensures easy operation.

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The AL-KO EASYAIR® convinces as a compact ventilation unit down to the smallest detail. A rotary heat exchanger or a counterflow plate heat exchanger provide heat recovery. In both versions, the systems achieve recovery rates of 80 to 90%. They are suitable for air volumes from 650 to 13,000 m3/h.

  • Quick and easy design via AL-KO AIRCLOUD
  • Heat recovery: optional rotary heat exchanger or plate heat exchanger with bypass
  • Highest energy efficiency with IE4 motor
  • Best economic efficiency
  • Hygienically certified according to VDI 6022
  • Perfect thermal decoupling
  • Fine dust filter F7 for supply air, filter M5 for exhaust air
  • Supplied in separable design for easy and cost-effective installation
  • Quick installation due to integrated wiring with factory tested sensors
  • Easily accessible cable runs, with Modbus as standard, making it easy to introduce and simple to wire
  • Service covers in the intermediate floor allow easy and ergonomic access to cables and connectors
Maintenance and operation
  • Convenient control, compatible with building services
  • Built-in components mainly powder-coated and therefore easy to clean
  • Generously sized doors and control panels ensure best possible accessibility for inspection and cleaning
  • Monitoring and support via remote maintenance

Quality components and functional units

We offer our own products as well as components and functional units from various manufacturers. All components and functional units are tested by AL-KO Air Technology.

Rotary heat exchanger
Rotary heat exchanger
Plate heat exchanger
Plate heat exchanger
Fan with EC motor
Fan with EC motor
Filters and flaps
Filters and flaps

For an energetically optimised control

AL-KO’s modular control technology has the right solution for every customer requirement. AL-KO supplies controls in a complete package with field devices, the control cabinet and pre-wiring or complete wiring.

Technical data

Units with rotary heat exchanger
Typ Volume flow in m³/h Length in mm* Width in mm* Height in mm*
RO-01 650 1530 712 953
RO-02 1000 1530 865 1259
RO-03 1500 1605.5 1018 1259
RO-04 2000 1759.5 1171 1565
RO-05 2700 1759.5 1324 1565
RO-06 3300 1759.5 1324 2177
RO-07 4200 1989 1630 1871
RO-08 5000 2141 1630 2177
RO-09 6000 2142 1936 2177

*Outer dimensions in mm

Units with plate heat exchanger
Typ Volume flow in m³/h Length in mm* Width in mm* Height in mm*
PL-01 650 2142 712 953
PL-02 1000 2142 1018 953
PL-03 1500 2524.51018 1018 1259
PL-04 2000 2524.5 1324 1259
PL-05 2500 2601 1630 1259

*Outer dimensions in mm


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