Fresh air for data management

Fresh air for data management

When it comes to server rooms in large data centers, AL-KO Air Technology has designed individual solutions for ventilation and air handling systems for various customers all over the world.

Extreme temperatures affect not only people, but also the hardware in server rooms. For this reason, cooling and fresh air supply are important factors for the performance and longevity of server rooms. Removing dust and other contaminants is also critical to proper operation.


AL-KO Air Technology has therefore configured, manufactured and installed customized solutions for several international customers. One such project was to design and install a considerably large system for the largest bank in Eastern Europe. A total of 24 large units now continuously circulate a total air volume of about 4 million m³. This corresponds to 1.5 times the volume of the Cheops pyramid. The system has a total length of over 16 meters and is equipped with adiabatic cooling and high-efficiency fans.


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