Combination unit AL-KO DESIGN keeps interiors cool

Combination unit AL-KO DESIGN keeps interiors cool

AL-KO has an effective remedy for summer heat accumulation indoors: the AL-KO DESIGN combination unit. Depending on the ceiling height, the air flow can be optimally adjusted - so that the room air remains pleasantly cool even in the hot season.

The proven AL-KO Design combination unit from AL-KO Air Technology is both a powerful and attractive solution against sweltering summer heat. Mounted under the ceiling, it provides effective air circulation even in rooms up to eight meters high, and does so extremely quietly and energy-efficiently. Typical applications can be found in sales areas of stores or supermarkets, in exhibition halls, showrooms of car dealerships and many other buildings with public traffic.

Thanks to its shapely hood and attractive design, the AL-KO Design does not have to hide; in fact, the compact unit cuts an extremely fine figure even in boutiques. Important for safety: The outer cladding is made of self-extinguishing plastic (fire class V-O).

Air flow optimally adapted to room height

Depending on the ceiling height, the air flow is adjusted so that the room temperature remains within the desired temperature range. In rooms with ceiling heights of up to eight meters, the unit draws in the hot air that has risen and accumulated under the ceiling during summer heat. It is cooled down and then discharged downwards into the room through the ventilation slots, whereby the direction in which the cooling air flows out can be adjusted.

In rooms with low ceiling heights of up to approx. four meters, the recommended air direction is the other way around: Here, AL-KO DESIGN draws in the rising hot air from below, cools it down and releases it under the ceiling in a horizontal direction to the sides. From there, it descends into the room without drafts. Incidentally, the direction of flow is reversible at any time, even during operation.

The real highlight: as a combination unit, the AL-KO DESIGN is designed not only to cool but also to heat the air in the room. Installed accordingly, the attractive unit thus ensures a pleasant room temperature even in the fall and winter months – and is a good, sensible investment, regardless of the season.