Optimal air for students and special labs

Optimal air for students and special labs

AL-KO Air Technology equips a new building of the University of Groningen with customized ventilation and air conditioning technology.

Viewed from above, the Feringa Building on the grounds of the university in the Dutch city of Groningen looks like three connected Vs. The 64,000 m2 building will house the school of natural science and technology. In addition to lecture halls and offices, it will also contain numerous lab facilities – from physical and biochemical labs to a special vibration-free lab.

The building is named after the Dutch chemist Ben Feringa, who conducted his 2016 Nobel Prize award-winning research at this institution.

System consisting of 21 ventilation units

The spectacular structure, which is scheduled for completion in 2023, will boast a no less impressive ventilation and air conditioning system. The custom-tailored solution from AL-KO Air Technology consists of 21 ventilation units, which circulate a total air volume of 840,000 m³ per hour to supply some 2000 students and faculty, as well as the special labs, with fresh, clean air.

The special features of the system are explained by Anne Rozema, Managing Director of AL-KO Luchttechniek B.V. in this video: