Reliable planning with AL-KO AIRCLOUD®

Reliable planning with AL-KO AIRCLOUD®

With the online configurator for central ventilation units AL-KO AIRCLOUD, AL-KO Air Technology gives planners the possibility to calculate the data of the required ventilation system at an early stage of planning.

At a fairly early stage in a building design, planners need the data of the required ventilation system. What dimensions must the required ventilation system have, how much space must be planned for it in the overall design? How high is the price likely to be?

“To help planners, we have developed the AL-KO AIRCLOUD,” explains Martin Törpe, Senior Manager Systems at AL-KO Air Technology. The AL-KO AIRCLOUD is a freely accessible, free online tool for the quick design of central air handling units. After registration, basic information such as the required air volume or the type of heat recovery is requested there.

Five clicks to the ventilation unit

After the fifth click, planners receive a comprehensive technical description of an air conditioning and ventilation system, for example an AT4 system for an office building. “Even on the basis of these few details, AIRCLOUD calculates reliable data and generates a unit that complies with standards, for example, in terms of energy consumption and sound insulation,” Törpe emphasizes.

In addition, planners can download a wide variety of documents and graphic files from the AL-KO AIRCLOUD: as data sheets, device drawings, construction data in 2D or 3D, sound emission sheets and as data imports for a BIM planning tool (Building Information Modeling). AL-KO offers AIRCLOUD in the languages of all countries in which the company operates. The system can even generate data sheets in Chinese.

Exchange with the field service

AL-KO Air Technology offers the AIRCLOUD service free of charge to anyone interested. “Anyone who doesn’t want to use us after that doesn’t have to,” says Martin Törpe. Who however with AL-KO into the planning of his ventilation unit, the company has further services on offer for him.

From the AIRCLOUD, an inquiry can be sent to the field service, which then gets the planning status displayed right away and enters into an exchange with the interested party. “Our field service staff can change parameters on request and then immediately feed the new device configuration back to the prospective customer via the AIRCLOUD,” explains Törpe. With the help of the AIRCLOUD, a data-supported, rapid dialog can thus take place between prospective customers and AL-KO specialists.

Part of a digital ecosystem

The AL-KO AIRCLOUD is one of three digital tools that AL-KO offers its customers. It works together with the internal Klim@soft program and the BIM Converter. The latter enables the data of the ventilation unit to be loaded into the BIM building model of planners, architects and builders. Together, all three tools form a digital ecosystem for demand-driven, customized development of air conditioning and ventilation systems to their respective purposes.