Perfect climate in the sauna

Perfect climate in the sauna

With 35 saunas, 34 pools and 27 slides, the thermal spa in Erding, Upper Bavaria, is the largest facility of its kind in the world. It took advantage of a pandemic-related break for an extensive refurbishment.

Climate control of thermal baths is one of the most demanding tasks in air handling and air technology. A feel-good climate for guests and the highest standards of hygiene must be created while simultaneously keeping in mind the various requirements for areas with different temperatures and humidity levels and the overarching premise of energy-efficient operation.

Therme Erding opted for units from AL-KO’s modular AT4 system. The proven AT4 housing meets the most stringent standards for thermal energy efficiency, hygiene and corrosion protection. The inner and outer shells are decoupled from each other, the interior is completely smooth with sealed joints, and the rubber seals overlap seamlessly for maximum tightness. All panels are free of thermal bridges and insulated with non-combustible mineral wool.

Thanks to this design, the AT4 housing achieves energy efficiency class A.

Another strength of the modular system of the AT4 series are the extensive options for customer-specific design. Therme Erding opted for high-efficiency fans and motors to exchange an air volume of 167,500 m³ per hour. The energy-efficient heat recovery system uses the humid exhaust air and feeds it back into the thermal areas as comfortably tempered and filtered supply air.

AL-KO – Thermal spa in Erding: Delivery from the air

AL-KO Air Technology supplied a high-performance AT4 ventilation system for an air volume of 167,500 m3 per hour to the thermal spa in Erding, Upper Bavaria. The delivery was a logistical tour de force: The units were brought from the air into the dome of the Therme by helicopter, suspended on a 30-meter rope via a specially manufactured funnel device.

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