Ventilation units from the individual modular system AL-KO AT4

Ventilation units from the individual modular system AL-KO AT4

The modular AT4 system ensures good air indoors and can be adapted to practically any application – even when very large air volumes are required.

From office buildings to sports facilities, industrial production to data centres, hospitals to the food industry: In a wide variety of applications, the individual AL-KO AT4 ventilation unit ensures clean air. Its modular design allows it to be adapted to all types of application scenarios and an extremely wide range of possible air volumes from 1,000 to 200,000 m3/h.

The enclosures of the AT4 series are powder-coated and corrosion-resistant. The case panels developed by AL-KO itself are optimally heat and sound insulated with mineral wool and ensure thermal decoupling between the inner and outer shells. This means that the unit can be operated extremely quietly and meets the requirements of energy efficiency class A. Heat recovery, for example by means of a cross-flow or counter-flow plate heat exchanger, also makes it possible to use the heat of the discharged air – and increases the energy efficiency of the unit to a maximum.

“All our experience from 50 years of ventilation and air-conditioning technology has gone into the development of the energy-efficient, reliable and universally applicable AT4,” emphasises Martin Weßbecher, Product Manager at AL-KO Air Technology.

For particularly hygiene-sensitive areas

AL-KO has developed the version AT4 Hygiene especially for applications in medicine, chemistry, food and electronics manufacturing. Among other things, materials are used that prevent microbacterial growth and are resistant to disinfectants. The metal parts comply with corrosion protection class C4 as standard and sealing materials are always closed-pored.

“In the hygiene version, the AT4 complies with the standards and guidelines for particularly hygiene-sensitive areas and can be used in hospitals and other critical areas without hesitation,” says Martin Weßbecher.

Customer friendly solution

As another customer-friendly solution, AL-KO offers the AT4 Complete. This plug & play version comes with a high grade of industrial prefabrication: completely mounted on a continuous load base frame, with integrated and wired AL-KO control technology and with filled systems. This reduces interfaces, speeds up installation as well as commissioning and saves time and resources on site.

Regardless of whether it is a Hygiene, Complete or other version: AL-KO enables a highly individual design for all units through its digital design programmes AL-KO AIRCLOUD® and KlimaSoft®, which rely on more than 100,000 components. “This means that our AT4 provides customised ventilation and air conditioning wherever people come together,” Martin Weßbecher emphasises.