AL-KO Airtech ensures pollen-free air in offices and schools

AL-KO Airtech ensures pollen-free air in offices and schools

Spring is here and soon summer will be approaching - for many people the most beautiful time of the year. But those who are allergic to pollen see things differently, because such hypersensitivity has an enormous impact on well-being. In the worst case, concentrated work is out of the question. The AIRSAFE air purifier and the AIRCABINET compact ventilation unit from AL-KO offer a remedy: they ensure pure, clean air in offices and classrooms.

Ventilation is a simple recipe for restoring fresh air in closed rooms. This is urgently needed by those who need to perform and concentrate on their work. But as soon as the pollen starts flying, regular airing has exactly the opposite effect on allergy sufferers. Remedy provide two new devices of AL-KO, which proved themselves already in the pandemic very well.

The compact ventilation unit AL-KO AIRCABINET provides fresh, pollen-free room air without the disadvantages of window ventilation. It extracts stale room air and directs it outside; at the same time, fresh air enters the unit, is thoroughly cleaned and then distributed draught-free in the room. The AIRCABINET is powerful and, with a unit air volume of up to 1200 m³/h, exceeds the recommended air volume of 30 m³/h per student for classrooms, for example. At the same time, the operating noise is extremely quiet at < 40 dB (A).

Pollen-free room air for increased well-being

During air exchange, the unit effectively removes pollen from the room air, thus creating an environment in which people with allergies experience significantly fewer complaints and remain productive. In addition, AIRCABINET frees the air from fine dust, spores, aerosols and even viruses. Last but not least, the CO2 content of the room air is significantly reduced: for an increased sense of well-being and enhanced concentration in classrooms, offices and conference rooms. Thanks to its ready-to-plug-in unit concept in a modular system, the AL-KO AIRCABINET can be installed directly in the room to be ventilated within a maximum of one day.


Where it is sufficient to filter the air or where the pollution by pollen and other substances in a closed room is to be reduced quickly, the mobile device AL-KO AIRSAFE is used. It is simply placed where it is needed – without additional installations, a 230 volt socket is sufficient. The AIRSAFE’s highly efficient filtration retains the smallest particles in the air, including pollen, dust and even viruses.


Simple operation, low operating costs, long service life

Both devices are easy to operate, and thanks to the easy-to-understand instructions, the regularly required filter changes are quickly completed. The operating costs for filter changes, energy and for function checks by qualified personnel (AIRCABINET only: every one to two years) remain manageable. AIRSAFE and AIRCABINET from AL-KO are efficient and effective solutions when it comes to healthy, clean indoor air – for increased performance and a high level of well-being.