New websites for AL-KO Air Technology and AL-KO Extraction Technology

New websites for AL-KO Air Technology and AL-KO Extraction Technology

Focus on the customer
New websites for AL-KO Air Technology and AL-KO Extraction Technology

AL‑KO Airtech, the specialist for ventilation, air handling and extraction technology, presents the new websites of its business units. AL-KO Air Technology and AL‑KO Extraction Technology now present their units, systems and services even more user-friendly and solution-oriented.

High-performance decentralized ventilation and air handling systems ensure a good indoor climate in industrial buildings: from such customized large-scale systems to decentralized purifiers for individual rooms, AL‑KO Air Technology offers a wide range of air and climate technology for all areas where people meet or work together. The technologies of the AL-KO Extraction Technology division reliably extract particles, dust and smoke in industry and trade wherever they occur – from wood and plastics processing to food production to the recycling industry.

Both divisions now present their units and services on significantly revised and, above all, more clearly designed websites, which consistently support users in finding solutions to their respective challenges and in contacting the experts at AL-KO.


Intuitive navigation, fast loading times

The new websites continue to set accents with the typical AL‑KO red and impress with intuitive navigation. Visitors are quickly guided to the products and services offered, as well as the applications and industries for which the devices has been tailor-made. The product pages contain comprehensive information about the devices, including technical data and a download area for brochures, manuals and further information. An overview of the respective contact persons is always just a click away, because of course the AL‑KO specialists are always available for a personal consultation.

Available in German or English, the new websites offer faster loading times and an optimized display on mobile devices. From April 29, 2022, they will be online at: