AL-KO Air Technology at GET Nord 2022

AL-KO Air Technology at GET Nord 2022

At the trade fair for electrical, plumbing, heating and air handling in Hamburg (November 17 - 19), AL-KO Air Technology will showcase powerful and energy-efficient ventilation and air-conditioning units that provide fresh and healthy air in enclosed spaces. As a manufacturer as well as a specialist partner and service partner in ventilation and air conditioning technology, AL-KO is looking forward to the dialogue with planners, architects and industry representatives.

In November, the professional world of building services engineering will meet in Hamburg at GET Nord, with around 600 exhibitors from 15 nations expected in mid-November. The spectrum of products, systems and services ranges from planning to implementation. At a joint stand in Hall B6, Stand 118, AL-KO Air Technology will be presenting solutions for ventilation and air handling technology – centralized and decentralized. These include the innovative and compact AL-KO AIRCABINET® ventilation unit and the customizable AL-KO EASYAIR®.

AL-KO AIRCABINET: virus-free air in schools and offices

The AL-KO AIRCABINET compact ventilation unit provides fresh, healthy room air without the disadvantages of window ventilation (loss of heat, disruption of concentration). The unit extracts stale room air and directs it outside, at the same time fresh air enters the unit, is cleaned and then distributed in the room without drafts. At the same time, AIRCABINET operates extremely quietly at < 40 dB (A). With a unit air volume of up to 1200 m³/h, AIRCABINET exceeds the recommended air volume for classrooms of 30 m³/h per student.

During air exchange, the device removes fine dust, pollen, spores, aerosols and viruses from the room air and guarantees a significantly reduced risk of infection. AIRCABINET also reduces the CO2 content of the room air and thus ensures a greater sense of well-being and increased concentration in classrooms, offices, conference rooms and restaurants. Thanks to its ready-to-plug-in unit concept in a modular system, AL-KO AIRCABINET can be installed directly in the room to be ventilated within a maximum of one day.

AL-KO EASYAIR: healthy air with high efficiency

The AL-KO EASYAIR central ventilation unit for air volumes from 650 to
13,000 m³/h was developed for use in medical practices and health centers, retirement homes, as well as event rooms and retail outlets. Thanks to highly efficient heat recovery, the energy balance of the AL-KO EASYAIR is excellent: Depending on the design, recovery efficiencies of 80 to 90% are possible by means of rotary heat exchangers or counterflow plate heat exchangers. Further advantages of the EASYAIR are the integrated control cabinet and the simple operation. Generously dimensioned service doors also allow easy access for quick inspection, cleaning or maintenance of the unit.

For the individual design of the EASYAIR depending on the specific application, AL-KO offers the online configuration tool AL-KO AIRCLOUD®. This allows planners to calculate the data for the required EASYAIR unit at an early stage of their building planning. How large does the system need to be? How expensive is it likely to be, how high will the energy consumption be? AIRCLOUD provides this data after just five clicks.

The AL-KO Air Technology team is looking forward to a personal exchange at GET Nord at booth 118 in hall B6!