AL-KO INDUSTRIE LH 250-4N/V/K Construction Heater

The AL-KO INDUSTRIE LH 250-4N/V/K construction heater is ideal for heating construction sites and all types of buildings in winter.

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The AL-KO INDUSTRIE LH250-4N/V/K construction heater is set up on brackets with adjustable feet. It is supplied with a fully assembled two-step switch and a connection for 3 x 400 V / 50 Hz cables as well as threaded PWW connections for the on-site hot water supply.

  • Stable, self-supporting galvanized sheet steel housing
  • All sheet steel parts powder-coated with a minimum of 60 μm in RAL 5023
  • Individually adjustable, self-locking outlet louver made of aluminum, releasable
  • Including two-step switchgear ZS400 and 400 V / 50 Hz, connection plug
  • Contact protection guard according to DIN EN 294
  • Flexible installation regardless of location
Maintenance and operation
  • Low maintenance

Quality components and functional units

We offer our own products as well as components and functional units from various manufacturers. All components and functional units are tested by AL-KO Air Technology.

Two-step switchgear ZS400
Heat exchanger

Technical data

AL-KO INDUSTRIE LH 250-4N/V/K Construction Heater
Product attributes
Air volume level 1 / 2 3450 / 4370 m³/h
Inlet temperature 15 °C
Outlet temperature 1 / 2 52 / 55 °C
Heating medium PWW 90 / 70 °C
Heating capacity 54 kW
Water quantity 2533 l/h
Water resistance 4.23 kPa
Heating medium connections 1 1/4" External thread
Weight 49 kg
Horizontal throw 15 m


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