AL-KO REMOTE CONTROL – web-based servicing system

AL-KO REMOTE CONTROL – web-based servicing system

A new service from AL-KO makes it possible to monitor and optimize AL-KO equipment remotely. The systems can be operated like you were actually on site.

AL-KO REMOTE CONTROL offers users great savings potential, because in addition to pure operation, many maintenance and service tasks can also be performed conveniently and intuitively via remote access. Long trips by service personnel are no longer necessary: This saves time, costs and also resources. In addition, it is possible to use AL-KO REMOTE CONTROL already during the commissioning of a new device and you will receive support and guidance from AL-KO experts.

Real-time and historical data provide an overview of the operation, facilitate error analysis and help in decision-making processes. Last but not least, the data provides the basis for continuously improving plant efficiency and saving energy.

The following devices and equipment are compatible with AL-KO REMOTE CONTROL:


Other useful functions

AL-KO REMOTE CONTROL keeps detailed records of all alarms. Current messages and the logged alarm history are available in plain text, with time stamp, device logbook with data point and command history. Alarms can be forwarded by e-mail, e.g. to a service organization in the environment of the device, if on-site intervention should be necessary.

In AL-KO REMOTE CONTROL, the system documentation such as operating instructions and quick guides is assigned to each system under the tab “files”. However, commissioning logs, spare parts lists, images or parameter files can also be saved there.
The user interface is very intuitive, and the customizable device dashboard provides an excellent quick overview of the device status. Device control is via digital twin of the HMI as on site, with the same menu structure and full authorization. An operable web graphic supports analysis and quick adjustment of setpoints.

Remote device access always takes data security into account: All important process data is continuously recorded and automatically stored – geo-redundantly on servers located in Europe.

To use AL-KO REMOTE CONTROL you need an Internet-enabled device with a common browser. Use is free of charge for two years from the purchase of an AL-KO device, after that AL-KO offers an annual subscription.